CB4GO Epcot




    CB4GO wants you to see EPCOT® before you get on the plane or in the car. You will enjoy:

    • 100+ photos of EPCOT Plus CB4GO has quick links to:

    • Maps
    • Weather
    • Web Sites
    • Contact Information

    In the app click on the camera icons for photos of the magical areas of EPCOT®, internet icons for web links to EPCOT® & maps, and the phone icon for contact numbers.

    Our purpose is to give you a quick visual experience and get you excited about a travel destination...

    CB4GO or as stated "SEE BEFORE GO" was created more than 10 years ago as a travel destination site. The idea is to allow viewers a look at destinations before actually traveling.

    Travel destinations include locations like Magic Kingdom®, EPCOT®, Hollywood Studios®, Animal Kingdom®, Fort Wilderness® and Beach Cities along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida. CB4GO is using Images to get you excited about your future vacation or holiday.

    CB4GO is an “EXCITER APP” that gets your vacation imagination started with images and information...

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