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    Discover interesting tours, spots and people. Track your rides and activities. Share with your friends.

    CheckMyTour provides a unique combination of mobile data recording, location-based services and social networking. By means of GPS and Checkins, the CheckMyTour App allows you to track your route automatically, to track of all your activities, comments, photos and to provide all the information in a personalized Tour Book which could be uploaded to the online community and shared with your friends.

    Your Tour Book, just like a log book, features all your tours and activities. You may decide to keep your Tour Book private, share it with friends or even publish it to the whole world. A Tour Book not only contains the GPS-based track of all your tours but also all of your activities, your photos, comments, recommendations and notes - each directly associated with the exact location of the particular activity. Powerful statistics will help you later on to review and analyze your tours.

    Checking in with your smartphone (via Gowalla, Qype or Foursquare) proves you really had been to that particular place or event. Not only that. Your Check Ins connect the Tour Book entries with highly focused content from Wikipedia, web sites and other sources thus providing much richer content than the pure GPS location itself. All that information will be directly visible on your tour map. Of course, you decide yourself who is permitted to see this information.

    When you agree, your current location, your track and all your comments, photos and recommendations during your adventure are being published to the CheckMyTour portal, Facebook and Twitter directly while on tour. Via the CheckMyTour portal, you may review, manage and organize all your tours and Tour Books, find new tours, places to go or tour mates, and incorporate the experience and recommendations of others in your planning. And, of course, to stay in touch with other like-minded people who love going on tours as much as you do.

    •Record your tour via GPS
    •Log local weather
    •Set waypoint markers
    •Keep track of places and activities by check-ins
    •View a map of your tour
    •Share your current position
    •See photos located on your tour map
    •Comment on places
    •Integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Gowalla, Qype and Foursquare

    Online Community
    •Upload tours from your smartphone
    •See a personalized Tour Book with all your tours
    •Find interesting spots and tours
    •Get in touch with tour partners
    •Arrange and organize a joint tour
    •Connect with local groups and networks
    •Upload photos from your tour
    •View interesting videos of tours
    •Integrate with Twitter and Facebook
    •Auto-Login by means of various social networks

    •Unique combination of mobile data recording, location-based services and an online community
    •Recording of position and data fully automatic or with minimal effort
    •Seamless integration of various services and data sources via the Internet
    •Optimized power consumption allowing a one day trip without the need to charge
    •iPhone fully operational by tracking in the background
    •iPhone device fully protected even on the road since no external attachment required
    •integrates with your social networks

    For everybody who loves to hit the road: whether by motorbike, quad bike, convertible car, vintage car, caravan, recreational vehicle (RVs), motorhomes or bicycle.

    Go on tour and enjoy. Upload TourBook. Show your friends.
    Drive Safely! Always keep the shiny side up!

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