China ticket outlets



Tickets, train tickets, bus ticket, ticket tickets hard to find;
Spring Festival, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, steadily gripping;

On the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching,
Slow Decent music network "national ticket outlets' applications.
To eager to go home to you, run around in your journey, you are in a foreign land, planning your vacation,
Provide the most intimate of the national ticket, airline tickets, bus ticket outlets inquiries.
You in the upcoming national "Qian Kun Da Nuo" spring-like in
Strolling, calmly!

Main functions:
1 outlets around the query, list and map modes.
2 outlets in accordance with city filter.
3 outlets all over the country's name, address, telephone and other information.
4 can be used offline after collection.
5 of the above queries, fuzzy queries are supported by a powerful way. Whether you enter the name, address, etc., can find the information you want.

Absolutely practical, please do not miss!
The software developed by the slow music network, follow-up with more exciting features, please sustained attention.