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This is the donation version of CityBikes, maybe you want to contribute on the development of this application. 0.99c is not a treasure, but means a lot to independent developers like us!

It takes great effort to keep a system like this. All the android code has an Apache license, and the server side is licensed under LGPL. Free software, \o

Anyone can enjoy CityBike's services and API. Also, there are more and more developers using the API everyday!

Thanks for all, and be good!

Lluís Esquerda

-------- Description ----------
CityBikes is a bike sharing network aggregator. It shows the status and availability of stations and bikes in your city, in an intuitive and fancy way, and supports more than 40 cities so far!

Let the app detect your city, and get live data from the bike sharing network around you.

Adjust the radius of your circle to filter stations by distance, or just check the view all mode, to view all the stations in your city.

Bookmark your favorite stations by sliding the finger across the green arrow (the info window on the bottom of the screen), they will always be displayed on the map.

This is a Free Software Project. For more information check or @ctbikes

* Paris Velib
* Toulouse Velo
* Créteil Cristolib
* Nancy Velostanlib
* Nantes Bicloo
* Besançon Velocité
* Rouen Cyclic
* Saint-Denis Velcom
* Mulhouse Velocité
* Marseille Le vélo
* Cergy-Pontoise Vélo2
* Aix-en-Provence v'hello
* Amiens Vélam
* Lyon Velov

* Washington Capital BikeShare
* Miami Beach Decobike
* Minneapolis NiceRide
* Chicago B-Cycle
* Boulder B-Cycle
* Denver B-Cycle
* Des Moines B-Cycle
* San Antonio B-Cycle
* Kailua B-Cycle

* Barcelona Bicing
* Girona Girocleta
* Granollers Ambicia't
* Sevilla Sevici
* Valencia Valenbisi
* Santander Tusbic
* Zaragoza Bizi
* Palma Bicipalma
* Leon BiciLeon
* Albacete
* San Javier
* Puerto Lumbreras
* Montilla
* Badajoz
* Puertollano Puertobike
* O Barco
* Ciudad Real
* Villaquilambre
* Baeza
* Cieza
* San Pedro
* Almuñecar
* Priego de Cordoba
* Paiporta
* Segovia Bicio
* Palencia
* Blanca
* Elche Bicielx
* Sant Joan
* Guadalajara
* Soria
* Benidorm
* Pinto
* Jaen
* Lalin
* Salamanca
* Universidad de Granada
* Villarreal
* Aranda de Duero
* Mula
* Talavera
* Las Palmas
* A Rua
* Ubeda
* Redondela
* Via Verde
* Novelda
* Aranjuez
* Alhama de Murcia
* Antequera
* Vinaros
* El Campello
* Vigo
* Don Benito - Villanueva

* Buenos Aires Mejor en bici

* Dublin DublinBikes

* Toyama Cyclocity

* Bruxelles Villo (working again)

* Luxembourg Veloh

* London Barclays Cycle Hire

* Göteborg Styr & Ställ

* Wien Citybyke

* Melbourne Bike Share
* Brisbane CityCycle

* Montreal Bixi

* Mexico DF Ecobici
* Guadalajara Bikla

* Milano BikeMi
* Torino ToBike

* Ljubljana Bicike(lj)

* Hangzhou Bicycle 杭州自行车 - 还没有站状态 No status!

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