Clockmate - World 3D Clocks



Clockmate Android is an unique international clock application that runs on Android Mobile phones. It just requires Android 2.20 or a newer version. It has Analog and digital styles with 3D effects
Clockmate Android does not only show the time of more than 560 places, but also can be used as a timer, a home screen and a live wallpaper. Further more, Clockmate Android can play music and replace background images repeatedly.
Clockmate Android is configurable and the clock of places can be selected. It use time zones information from Android and current device time to calculate the time of selected place. It also justifies daylight saving time according to the time zone information provided by Android. However as there is no guarantee that the time will be 100% correct, please double check it if it is important. The menu can be activated either by touching screen or selecting the menu icon or pressing menu button if they are available.
Timemap - a world map shows times, time zones of anywhere on the map.
Timezones - a list of more than 560 places in the world where the time zones can be selected to construct clocks.
Timer - a timer gives a convenient tool while your cooking, running or doing anything.
Properties - properties of a clock which can be analog and digital including colours and font size of the clock.
Options - options of the Clockmate Android include background image and music configurations.
Clockmate provides help - helps of how to set properties of the clock and select configuration options of Clockmate.

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