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CoPilot GPS - Navigation's review


With some good free content, and better paid content, this is for the serious traveler.

  • Maps
  • Hands-Free Navigation
  • Accuracy
  • Trial Period
  • Not Available Everywhere

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"Travel Safely"


GPS system that not only tells you where to go, but can help you with traffic patterns, speed limits, ETAs, and even syncing up with friends.


With a simple interface that highlights your path with arrows, this is an extremely safe GPS for everyone to use, even if it is just the driver. The sounds are clear and crisp, with a more natural speaking tone that means fewer mispronunciations. The ETAs are accurate to a few seconds and the constantly updating traffic patterns help you to avoid rush hour traffic, tolls, and even accidents right after they happen.


While some of the features aren't available in all countries, the biggest problem is that they employ the "bait and switch" tactic with a lot of the features - you won't have access to everything. While you can still use the app, a lot of the best stuff does come on the paid version.

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by Noel

Dec 04, 2015

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