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New Mobile Application "Costa del Sol Malaga":A free tourist guide of the 101 municipalities of the province of Malaga (Spain).


This free application is conducted jointly by the Malaga County Council and the Orange company. The App is based in the georeferencing and identifies, after cataloging, each and every one of the tourist Points of Interest (over 2,000 POI) existing in the 101 municipalities in the province of Malaga. It will lead users village by village, street by street, showing churches, fountains, square, monuments, museums, or telling stories and legends. Watch a video, listen to an audio guide, send an email to the local tourist Information Office, make a phone call to a museum for its schedule, share experiences on Facebook or Twitter, or find directions are some of the possibilities offered by this technology, embodied in a downloadable application for phones with Google's Android or Apple's operating system.
The application is intended for all tourists, regardless of nationality, as it is multilingual (English, Spanish, French and German).

Access to information is through an interface that enables augmented reality overlay on the image captured by a phone camera, geolocating information of tourist attractions nearby. Each POI will appear as an image that is added to the actual image that the user is currently viewing, so that the user can use the solution as a radar and forward 360º for guidance on where to find the POI and how far are about their position.
Additionally, and with a single click, the application allows to know the user's current position, the location of POI, the route to reach them, and to share the information of those points through social networks.

Detailed information about this POIs can be obtained through

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