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Crow GPS is the most affordable geocaching companion app available! Calculate the distance and direction to the cache and navigate to the location with the built-in compass. Network functionality is not required, so the app can be used even when you are adventuring off the grid.
Whether you are a traveler, geocacher, backpacker, hiker, rockclimber, or just plain curious, Crow GPS can help you. The application accurately calculates distance and bearing between any locations around the globe.
Using a highly accurate formula, this application calculates the distance between any two places on Earth. This app is the most accurate of its kind, producing results accurate to fractions of kilometers or miles. Crow GPS ensures you will never lose your way, no matter your location or destination or network capabilities.
Crow GPS also has a built in Compass, so you can find your way through any environment. With Crow GPS, you won't get lost and you will always know where you are going.
Additionally, the application shows the bearing from one location to the other, and the compass direction (north, northwest, west, etc.). Thus, you will always know the distance and direction to your location. You'll never get lost!
In the Conversion tab, you will be able to convert Latitude and Longitude points from decimal format to degrees minutes seconds format. By using all of Crow GPS's amazing tools, you'll never run into any trouble during your adventures.
Whether the distance between locations is across the globe or just down the street, Crow GPS always delivers fast and accurate results. By showing users data "as the crow flies," Crow GPS allows users to estimate more efficiently their time to travel along their path. The application is a must have for geocachers, road trip lovers, hikers, travelers, and the curious.

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