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    About Curitiba:

    Curitiba is the most European of the Brazilian capitals, which is the result of German, Polish, Italian, and Ukrainian immigrants during the 19th century. It is considered as one of the best places to live in the country and it has the second largest green space per inhabitant in the country. It is also the coldest capital in the country, and has become a major winter destination. The city is very well maintained, and the magnificent way it receives visitors is reflected by the available things to do for tourists in the region.

    To get to know the city, start with the Tourism Line (Linha Tourism). For R$29, you can see the entire panorama of the city, and take 4 stops along the way. The Botanical Gardens are a must-see, if not just for a photo at the Palácio de Cristal. Walking through the gorgeous German Forest and visiting the Opera de Arame are two architectural landmarks of the city. In the Santa Felicidade neighborhood, you can enjoy the Italian cooking. Visit the Museum of Oscar Niemeyer, which focuses on the visual arts, architecture, and design from the historical sector.

    The city has many different shopping centers for all tastes and price ranges. Among these are the Shopping Estação, one of the most popular in Curitiba and built in an old train station. For a more sophisticated atmosphere, visit the Shopping Crystal. The Rua XV de Novembro is also a popular shopping spot. For artisans and souvenirs, spend a Sunday morning passing through the Largo da Ordem fair downtown.

    The restaurant scene is also a major tourist draw. The Madalosso, a complex full of restaurnts in Santa Felicidade, has become a spot tourists love, where delicious Italian food can be found. For those who want to try the slavic cooking, try the restaurant Durski, which is well-known as the best Ukrainian restaurant in the country. Madero Burger & Grill offers delicious gourmet hamburgers and Mercearia Bresser has the best pizza in the city. Don’t forget to try the traditional colonial coffee as well!

    Curitiba is a relatively safe city. Most violent crime is concentrated in a few areas far from the more popular neighborhoods. Take the necessary precautions, though, and don’t flaunt cellphones or cameras and avoid dark and deserted areas.

    The capital of Paraná has an extremely efficient public transport system, and it has even been a model for many other cities in the world. It’s possible to take more than one bus with just one ticket, since each connection can be made in an integrated terminal or a tube station. The city doesn’t have a subway system. There are not as many taxis as other major cities, but many can be hailed through smartphone applications.

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