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Digital World Clock Widget is the perfect tool for travelers or those who are working with people in different time zones.Simple and easy to use application & widget.


* Four different sized widgets (1x1, 2x1, 4x1 and 4x2).
* Transparent widgets to feel the home screen background.
* Shows current time in multiple cities around the world.
* Multiple clocks support.
* Add any number of clocks and the time of these clocks will roll, showing all the clocks one after the other.
* Supports various timezones.
* Quick search for locations.
* Day & night display.
* Lots of customizations. A lot of color and appearance settings.

* Select millions of colors for the time and date with a RGB color picker.

* Changes take effect in real-time.

* Show/Hide AM-PM.

* No Battery Drain - Energy efficient.

* Ad free and does not use any permissions.


* Tap on add icon at the top-right corner in app's home page to add a clock.
* Edit a clock name by tapping edit option which appears on long press in clocks's list.
* Similarly, option to delete a clock will appear on long press.
* Also tap on menu for an option to delete all the existing clocks on single shot.
* Tap on menu to go to settings page.
* Edit the phone clock name in settings page.
* Tap on widget to load up app page.

* Pin a clock(stopping roll) if needed with a simple tap on sun/moon image at the top of widget in 1x1 and 2x1 widgets.

How to add the widget on Android 4.0+:

* Open the app drawer.
* Tap the "Widgets" tab.
* Find our Digital World Clock Widget and drag it to the home screen.

How to add the widget on older versions of android:

* Long press an empty spot on the home screen.
* Select "Widgets".
* Tap on Digital World Clock Widget to add it to the home screen.


* Please exclude the widget from any task killers, this will resolve the time freezing issue(When the app is killed, the time will stop updating).

* When phone starts, clock starts in less than a min too.

* Please relaunch the widget after app update if widget not updating.

* ROM users-> Widgets are not supposed to be on SD card.Bcs, Android does not support widgets on external storage. So, move to SD card option is not enabled.Sorry for the inconvenience.


* If your city is missing, find a city in the same time zone & change the clock name(for immediate remedy).

* Email us about your missing city along with country, timezone details and we will be happy to add it in our next update(for permanent remedy).

* Email problems/suggestions.

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