Earthmate – GPS with Topo Maps




    Get all the features of a handheld GPS at a fraction of the cost with everything you need to plan a trip, navigate and share your outdoor adventures. Hunting map data is now available through Earthmate Hunt Edition.
    • This application requires the use of a paired DeLorme inReach (access varies by model) or an annual subscription to Outdoor or Hunt.

    As the best value in outdoor navigation apps, Earthmate is packed with these features:
    • Unlimited Topographic Maps, Quad Sheets and US NOAA Charts
    • Aerial Imagery
    • Hybrid Maps
    • Waypoints and Route Navigation
    • Tracking and Location Sharing
    • High-detail GPS Trip Logging
    • Unlimited Cloud Storage of Routes, Waypoints and Tracks
    • Online Trip Planning

    With the Hunt Edition subscription, sold separately, you get all of the Earthmate features, plus:
    • Game Management Units
    • Parcel Data (Provided where available)
    • Plan your hunts using waypoints, routes, aerial imagery, and the ability to import GPX files. All online planning automatically syncs to your Earthmate app through the cloud. When used in conjunction with an inReach, updates are then synced through Bluetooth to your active inReach device.

    Complete GPS navigation solution that works as a fully functional standalone app or paired with an inReach satellite communicator for the added power of global satellite connectivity when outside of cell phone range.

    Perfect for any outdoor enthusiast: hiking, camping, hunting, mountain biking, trail running, snowmobiling, off-roading, sailing, boating, bird watching, climbing, trail riding, and more!

    Unlimited map downloads – cache on your device and store for offline use, including:
    • North America topographic maps with 370,000 miles of trails, elevation and park data, public lands, and high-detail lake, river and stream data
    • USGS 24K Topo Quad Sheets
    • Detailed world base map
    • Aerial Imagery and Hybrid Maps
    • US NOAA charts
    • HUNT Edition – Game Management Units and Parcel Data for all 50 states

    Route Navigation and Waypoints
    • Create or view a route, navigate, drop waypoints
    • View useful trip statistics, such as elevation, time moving, max speed, bearing and distance

    Tracking and location sharing
    • Track your trip and send your location to family and friends with your own MapShare page when in cell phone range or when connected with an inReach satellite communicator

    High-detail GPS Trip Logging
    • Log a high-detail breadcrumb trail for reference later or to navigate back to the start. If connected to an inReach satellite communicator, your log is stored on the inReach.

    Online Trip Planning
    • Plan trips online ahead of time with our Explore portal
    • Sync routes and waypoints
    • Import GPX files

    Unlimited Cloud Storage and Syncing*
    • Waypoints and routes are synced to the cloud as you go
    • There’s no need for cables or SD cards
    • *When in cell phone range or connected to an inReach Explorer

    Pairs with inReach Satellite Communicators for Global Connectivity Regardless of Cell Coverage
    • The complete Earthmate for Outdoor is included with the purchase of an inReach Explorer device. Earthmate Hunt Edition is sold separately.
    • Control and access all the features of your inReach device from the app, including text messaging, SOS, tracking, and more.
    • Learn more about inReach at

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    Users comments

    Lenny Carrell

    by Lenny Carrell

    Jun 19, 2017  |  "OK"

    Why does this app start in the background and drain my battery very quickly, even when I'm not using my Inreach? If the InReach wasn't such a pain to text on I would have no use for this app. Last update "fixed multiple bugs", how bout you fix probably the biggest one. Maybe you need to pay the upgrade to get one that functions correctly? Not willing to take that chance.

    Matt Vogt

    by Matt Vogt

    Jun 09, 2017  |  "OK"

    When I zoom out the backcountry roads disappear.

    kyle peterson

    by kyle peterson

    Jun 06, 2017  |  "Poor"

    completely worthless unless you buy their subscription based, non navigating hardware. really, toy charge this much for a device without a touch screen, no navigation abilities, and expect me to bring along a smartphone to do all the routing and similar stuff? no thanks, I'll just skip the ancient Garmin hardware all together and use my smartphone for all of it! locus pro is so much better

    Sean Ardley

    by Sean Ardley

    Jun 03, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Does not pair by Bluetooth to Inreach For Android. Customer support says 'buy a newer device'.

    Arthur Korn

    by Arthur Korn

    Jun 02, 2017  |  "OK"

    The app as better than no app at all and doesn't crash. That's good. Having used the app with an InReach SE I miss this functionality: - ability to edit contacts in the app without internet access. - ability edit preset messages and recipient lists for preset messages in the app without internet access. - ability to copy location coordinates from messages that were received through iridium or, even better, start navigation to those coordinates (using e.g. Google maps) without internet. The story behind this is: I go to a paragliding event where I meet people in the middle of nowhere to go fly. Before flying we exchange direct InReach addresses. We have to tediously enter those on our InReach devices. Inevitable the preset messages don't have the right recipients but can't be changed at that point as there is no internet and often no computers. Then we fly (with tracking enabled) and some people end up landing far from our cars. Upon landing we send a message to our friends. Whoever happens to get to one of our cars first starts picking up the others.

    Gary Brooks

    by Gary Brooks

    May 31, 2017  |  "Poor"

    I've been using this app for several years with two different models of the InReach tracker. I haven't had an issue until now. Like others have said before me, the battery drain is incredible. My first indication was my phone getting real hot, not just warm. Please fix this app. It is a very useful tool when used with the InReach explorer.