Emergency Numbers World

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    Emergency Numbers Available Now!

    This application allows you to have a few moments of emergency phone numbers of almost all the nations of the world (as many as 238!)
    It also allows you to enter the number of your family member or acquaintance to call immediately in case of emergency.
    in a few clicks you can call
    Particularly suitable for your travels or for those who do not want to waste time to find emergency numbers if you are in trouble.
    No connection or internet or online links to databases, it's all in the application

    - Emergency numbers for police, ambulance, fire department.
    - Possibility to enter a number of your own family or friend you can call immediately in case of emergency.
    - nations for which you can select the emergency numbers are 238 including: Europe (all nation), USA, Russian Federation, Japan, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Canada, Cuba, Brasil,and many many others (nearly all the nations of the world).

    Do not wait any longer, download a very useful application for your android phone and your life.

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