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Europeiske Reiseforsikring’s app is free to use, and you can download it for free from Android Market.

Having the Europeiske App on your mobile gives you access to Europeiske’s Alarm Center if you need immediate medical assistance while travelling. You also have access to direct telephone numbers and contact information to Europeiske’s worldwide assistance network. You will find advice on staying healthy on your travels, and what you should keep in mind if an incident occurs.

In addition, you will get access to direct telephone numbers to Europeiske’s Customer Center and Claims Center.

The Europeiske app tracks your current position (if GPS and data roaming are turned on).

The Europeiske app contains:

- Direct telephone number to Europeiske’s Alarm Center. One press on your mobile puts you in contact with the Alarm Center if you need immediate medical assistance while travelling.
- Geographic overview of Europeiske’s worldwide assistance network. Within seconds you will have access to telephone numbers, visiting address or e-mail address to your nearest service office, in addition to Sjømannskirken’s offices around the world, which are part of the Europeiske assistance network.
- Advice on trouble-free travels: How to stay healthy, what to consider if travelling with children, traffic advice and when you should contact us.
- Checklists on what to do if an incident has occurred and you need assistance.
- Telephone numbers to our Customer Center and Claims Center for questions regarding your insurance policy or your ongoing claim.
- GPS navigation with “find my position”. Navigation to the nearest service office or Sjømannskirke.

The choice of English or Norwegian app:

The app is available in Norwegian or English. The app language is based on your phone’s language settings. Language settings other than Norwegian will give you the English version.

The app is developed through a partnership between Europeiske and Tieto.

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