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A great way to check where your flight is - or the person you are picking up.

  • No Numbers Needed
  • Accurate
  • Ads
  • Request Limitations

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"Flight Tracking Fun"


The perfect app for someone who doesn't obsess over their flight and only wants to check it one or two times before they depart, but not for obsessives.


The app is pretty accurate with flight information and doesn't require that you use your flight number, which is a limitation on some of the other flight tracking apps. There is also a feature in the live tracker that lets you know approximate flight times into the future.


From what I've read, iPhone is about the only system that this app works on - so you won't have any luck if you try to install it elsewhere. The images are also a little lacking. The worst part is that you can only make a few inquiries before you get prompted to pay for the full-price version.

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by Noel

Oct 23, 2015

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