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FlightPlan - Flight time zone calculator
The best and only multi time zone calculator.

FlightPlan easy calculates and help you plan every part of your trip.
It dosen’t matter how many flight changes you have or how many time zones you are traveling through. Flight Plan does all the time calculations for you and in an easy and elegant graphical plan shows you everything you’ll need to know about flight duration, traveling time, arrival time, departure time and total traveling time.
Flight Plan will be your logistical flight partner and in an easy and clear way show you every aspect of your travel in both local time, the time zone you are traveling from to and through, and off course every other time zone you may choose.

Flight Plan almost let you travel through time.
On almost all flight tickets the arrival time will be in stated in the departure airport's local time and the arrival time is stated in the arrival airport's local time.
But what are the flying time if the arrival and departure airports are located in different timezones?
Flight Plan time zone calculator gives you the answer!

And what if you are traveling through different timezones and have to change flights? What will the clock be at home when you have a stopover in an foreign airport?
Flight Plan time zone calculator gives you the answer!

For the business man it means that you will always know exactly how many hours you have to get some work done during a flight. Despite that the flight tickets only tell you the departure in the local time and the arrival in another time zone.
Flight Plan time zone calculator also tells you, your family or your businesspartners what time – in their timezone, you can be reached during every stopover you have on your way.

Shortly said – Flight Plan time zone calculator eleminates every insecurity concerning the time and time zones when flying.

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