Fruit Finder *free*



Fruit Finder *free* provides you with 40.000 sites where all kinds of fruits grow. When you like to eat free and healthy fruits of the nature and like to supply yourself with foraging food than the Fruit Finder is the best choice for you.

Grab free fruits and add your own fruit sites to the map to let other users participate in your knowledge.

- get access to 40.000 fruit sites
- publish your own fruit sites and share them with others
- share your finds on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp and Gmail

- Make sure you only collect fruits that you can identify as 100% edible. The app just shows potential sites. Please ensure that the fruits you find are free to the public. In case of uncertainty, please ask the property owner if you are allowed to pick fruits.

In case you have any issue using the Fruit Finder please don`t give us a bad rating but write us an e-mail to so we can fix that.

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