Ghost Finder London

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    Discover the world’s most haunted city with Ghost Finder London.

    Over 300 haunted locations have been mapped throughout the city and suburbs. Find the nearest spooky site with your phone’s GPS and then use the detailed maps to take your own mystery tour.

    Read about the ghosts haunting each location and the fascinating stories behind them. You can access the information on each site one at a time from the map. Alternatively, you can browse or search the entire database. The database has been meticulously researched and written by one of Britain’s best-known journalists specialising in the supernatural.

    Many of London’s major attractions are haunted but so too are hundreds of less well-known locations, including pubs, parks, theatres, churches, roads and railway stations, to say nothing of the many obscure houses in quiet back streets. All have been precisely plotted on Ghost Finder London.

    In Westminster or Wimbledon, Hammersmith or Hampstead, Ghost Finder London will lead you into the city’s darkest and spookiest corners. It is a frighteningly enjoyable resource for Londoners and tourists alike.