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Imagine a travel app developed by airports that provides official airport data linked directly to your flight. It’s called goHow Airport and it’s about to change the way you travel.

We know that navigating the airport on your own can be an overwhelming experience, so goHow Airport is partnering with major US and international airports to get you the official airport data that you need to make informed decisions and features airport venue maps powered by BingTM. With goHow Airport you will know everything the airport and airlines know about your trip, including details like:

• Flight status + real-time updates
• BingTM airport venue maps (60+ airports supported)
• Restaurants, shops and services listings + user ratings
• Parking lot availability (where available)
• Ground transportation options
• Security wait times (where available)
• Baggage claim location
• Local weather conditions
• Suggestions for things to do in the area
• Information on over 90 airports worldwide

goHow Airport provides critical information to your mobile device to keep you current on your flight status, gate assignment and departure schedule. So don’t worry about straying too far from your gate—real-time information about your trip will be pushed to your device as you move about the airport. Be the confident one - keep an eye on goHow Airport and enjoy what the airport has to offer!

To get started, just enter your flights, and goHow Airport will track your path from door-to-door—including any connections you make along the way. It can even help you find the perfect place for a pre-flight snack showing real-time ratings from travelers just like you. You can also browse the airport without entering your flight to quickly see everything the airport has to offer.

goHow Airport has full capabilities for over 90 of the top US and international airports. Because it’s the only application that partners with airports, whether you’re a business traveler or a family going on vacation, you can rely on goHow Airport to help you enjoy your trip every step of the way.

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