Good Grub



Good Grub is an application for helping you search for restaurants. It displays each restaurant with a recognizable icon based on ratings from user reviews posted to Google. You can easily search restaurants just by selecting your favorite category (or all categories) and pressing a search button. You can see results on a map or a list.

= Features =
- Display restaurants within your vicinity or specified location; you can see them on a map or a list
- Sort restaurants either by ratings or distances between your location and each restaurant
- Choose which category of restaurants or food types to display
- Choose which range of ratings to display
- Links to detailed information pages on Google Maps (e.g. After navigating to a Google Maps page, you can see actual user reviews or perform a route search.)
- Links to official web pages of restaurants (The contents depend on each restaurant; some restaurants do not provide web pages.)

= Categories =
American, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Mediterranean, Thai, Diners, Family Restaurants, Fast Food, Seafood, Soul Food, Vegetarian, Bars, Cafes, Pizza, Pasta, Ramen, Sushi, BBQ Restaurants, and Steakhouses

= Notice =
This application uses information on restaurants provided by Google Inc. We cannot be held responsible for its content nor can we answer questions on it.

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