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Exploring Tokyo

Feature1 Exploring Tokyo

Visiting Tokyo just for gourmet food or shopping? What a waste! This guide is for foreign visitors who want to explore and experience more of this great city—learning about history and technology, encountering traditional Japanese culture and daily life, or stumbling upon Tokyo’s hotspots. See an amazing side of Tokyo that you never knew existed.

Factory Tour
Feel the pulse of Japan’s world-class manufacturing industry from up close. This tour takes you to a sake brewery. Go behind the scenes to find out how the Japanese sake you enjoy all the time is manufactured.

Traditional Culture
See a side of Japanese traditional culture that would almost never be experienced on an ordinary tour. Feel what it’s like to be a real Kabuki actor or take part in a classic tea ceremony to experience Japan’s delicate wabi-sabi sensibilities firsthand.



Events inTokyo
Numerous events and festivals are taking place in the metropolitan area throughout the year. These events span traditional experiences to the latest art showings or encountering the unique characteristics of specific regions—even if they take place in Tokyo. Why miss out?

Tokyo Today
Get to the heart of up-to-the-minute Tokyo culture!
Head down to the famous Tokyo hotspots—like maid cafes, clubs, cosplay karaoke, and more!

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