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    Use your Android GPS in Airplane Mode on Droid X and other devices where this would otherwise fail. Using Airplane Mode allows you to save battery life from searching for a signal, and still get the benefits of GPS location outside of cell coverage.

    Up to 20% of Android phones in the US struggle to get a GPS location fix in Airplane mode, even when most of these phones are capable of getting a GPS location outside of cell coverage range. This was not an intentional design decision, it is the result of a firmware/hardware bug in these phones. If you have never had this problem, you probably don't need this app.

    This app was created by Daniel Butler, a National Java programming champion. We are fortunate to have him contributing to the Android community.

    This app is an on demand service that works in conjunction with any app that requests GPS location. For offline, backcountry navigation, you are welcome to try BackCountry Navigator.

    When Airplane mode is on, and a GPS location is requested, the app passively monitors satellite status. If no satellite signal is received after a certain number of seconds, the app temporarily turns off Airplane mode until the GPS starts properly. This would be tedious to do manually, which is why we are offering this app to do it automatically.

    It is still considered experimental because we don't know what devices it will be helpful for.
    This app has been tested on:
    *Motorola Droid
    It is expected to be helpful on
    *Motorola Droid X
    *Motorola Droid II
    *Samsung Intercept
    And possibly others.

    It is not expected to be needed on:
    Motorola Droid 3
    Motorola Droid X2
    Motorola Droid Bionic
    Most HTC devices.

    For that reason, the app shows up in the market only for a limited set of devices at this time. We can add to that as people identify other devices with an airplane mode bug.

    To discover if your phone is a candidate:
    Go outside.
    Turn Airplane mode on.
    Request location in an app such as BackCountry Navigator that uses GPS location (not network location).
    Wait up to five minutes for the GPS location to arrive.
    If it does, you probably don't need this app.
    If not turn airplane mode off and wait a few minutes.
    If you then get a GPS location, you probably need this app.
    If you still don't get a location, well, this ap doesn't promise to fix every possible GPS problem - try rebooting.

    This app does require some permissions to do its job:
    *Write System Settings is required to switch Airplane mode on and off. It is the only setting we alter.
    *Internet access is not used during operation, but it is used so you can anonymously send a report of whether it worked on your device.
    *Access Fine Location is necessary so that we can check whether you receive GPS Satellite data. We don't actually check the location, only whether you are getting data or not.

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