Quick and easy tool to manage your points of interest. Allows you to create and share waypoints on your phone. Using your phone as a gps, it has two modes of operation.

Text Mode: Display some basic location information

Map Mode: Display your waypoints on a map. Create new waypoints from selecting a point on the map, or enter location information manually.

Easily select a waypoint from a list, or select on the map.

Import and export functions. Quick send your location via text message, or select waypoints from a list and send via email. Saves waypoints as kml (keyhole markup language) to import on popular map applications like Google Earth, or save in csv format. Import waypoints via kml files.

*v1.1.0 - Additional features: Categories for new and saved way points

*v1.2.1 Updated UI. Better import support. Will also import .CSV files from your SD card. CSV files must use the following format

Now categories allow several different color markers.

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