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    FULL and OFFLINE Tourist map of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura… Beaches, amusement parks, amazing landscapes, museums...

    Features that we include on our maps:
    •GPS signal over the map
    •Possibility to navigate with Google Maps or Google Navigation
    •Text to Speech for every waypoint ★★★ On the FULL version ★★★
    •Map completely OFFLINE
    •Map of the cities
    •Detailed information of each city (General information, beaches, amazing landscapes, activities, where toe at, where to sleep…
    •Share with Facebook and/or email
    •Banners ★★★ NOT INCLUDED On the FULL version ★★★
    •Languages: English/Spanish

    Included cities:
    •Fuerteventura - Antigua, Betancuria ★★★ On the FULL version ★★★
    •Fuerteventura - Pájara Sur, Jandía ★★★ On the FULL version ★★★
    •Fuerteventura - Puerto del Rosario, La Oliva ★★★ On the FULL version ★★★
    •Fuerteventura - Pájara Norte, Tuineje ★★★ On the FULL version ★★★
    •Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ★★★ On the FULL version ★★★

    Comparison with other travel apps in Spain:
    • Google Maps: Because our maps are ALWAYS offline and our information is RECOPILED by us.
    • TouristEye: Because our maps cover the WHOLE AREA where you are going to be, not just a FEW AREAS.
    • Other offline maps: Because our work is more CONCRETE but without forgeting the big areas and because our maps are HUGE.

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