Grand CocoBay UConnect



This application is a Premium application with many features available at no cost and

other features available for a small fee. The application requires User registration and

account creation for both Free and Premium features. Registration creates a unique

username (in email format) and password for each User.

The app will connect over both Wi-Fi and 3G Data connections, but will prefer Wi-Fi when

both are present.


You may add other members of your travel group or other guest you have met by adding their

email address / user Id. Once added as a Buddy, you may see the Buddy’s presence, status,

send IM Chat, send SMS, or call a Buddy through the Guest Connect Screen.
Add a Buddy by …..

IM Chat

This feature functions like other IM Chat clients and allows IM communication between

You may change your Status by pressing the Status button and selecting the status seen by

your Buddies.
This application has assigned you a temporary 10-Digit phone number from which to send and

receive both SMS and Voice calls. You can see what number you have been assigned under

Home->Settings. The assigned 10-Digit number will remain the same for the duration of

your trip and while your account is active.

SMS Messages

Send or read receive SMS messages from the Connect to World > SMS buttons. These SMS

messages are not sent from your cell carrier number and will be sent with a preamble of

“John on vacation in Mexico says … < your message >.” The preamble will identify to your

family and friends that you will be communicating with the temporary 10-digit phone number

during your trip.

Voice Calls

Send or Receive VoIP calls from the Connect to World screen. Either browse the Contacts

on your phone via the Contacts button to select an existing contact or enter a number

directly on the keypad.