Hamilton City guide



The City of Hamilton is an important port city located in the Canadian province of Ontario. The City’s close proximity to eminent metropolitan areas Cincinnati and Dayton makes it the hub of an exciting sightseer region.

Hamilton City provides diverse range of recreational opportunities including amusement parks, water parks, botanical gardens, museums and stadiums. If you are planning your vacation to Hamilton, then it’s a perfect getaway. This summer you will get to experience some of the unique and memorable festivals in Hamilton. So indulge yourself with a bunch of made-in Hamilton events as you won’t find it anywhere else. Summer’s is coming to an end, just get out and enjoy the rest of the season.

For those who are looking how to wisely spend their time, places to visit, get involved in various activities and find comfortable accommodations inside Hamilton, then Hamilton City Guide will ease your worries.

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• Find emergency numbers on the GO - Hospital, Regional Air Travel, Travel, Taxi/Limousines, Police Station, and Fire Station

This app will help you plan your trip and enjoy quality time with family, friends or beloved. This is the best time to visit Hamilton.