Hiker combines a compass, map, and GPS in one integrated application.

The compass display shows your current bearing and the bearing to your destination. Data fields include your current speed and altitude, and the distance, both horizontal and vertical, to your selected destination. Unlike most electronic compasses, which are notoriously inaccurate, this compass can be calibrated for greater precision.

The map uses Google's maps and satellite views and shows your current location, a log of your track, your saved positions, and destinations.

The satellites display shows the current GPS satellites, their azimuth and signal-to-noise ratio, and whether they have the current ephemeris data. Data fields include your current latitude, longitude, and altitude, and an estimate of the accuracy of the current GPS fix.

Preloaded with over 2,900 destinations in the western United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Save your current position to the destinations list to use on your return and in later hikes. Send your current position to your friends by email, text, Twitter, or Facebook. Log your tracks and view them on the map.

New in 1.2, two ways to add positions with actually being there: Tap the map or enter a street address.


This app is not intended for use in situations where your survival is at stake. The electronic compass is no substitute for a real compass, nor is the electronic map a substitute for a real map. Always carry a real compass and a real map when hiking.

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