Hokke-ji Temple(JP040)



Nichiren Shonin avoided the Matsubagayatsu Persecution by running away to Shimousa and he relied upon Jonin Toki, the head of Gozoku (prominent family) in Wakamiya as well as a devoted follower. In August of 1260, the Hokke-do (later it became Hokke-ji) was built within Toki's residence. Nichiren Shonin had offered his 100-day sit-in lecture there between the end of the year and spring. Accordingly this temple is regarded as the sacred site of Honge Shoten Borin (Nichiren Shonin's first preaching the Dharma). Soon another Gozoku in near by area of Nakayama, Jomyo Ohta built Jibutsu-do (later became Honmyo-ji) on his property. Jibutsu-do was blessed by Nichiren Shonin when its construction was completed.

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