Holidayen Shanghai Guide



    Holidayen Shanghai is the first fully automatic travel itinerary planner for Shanghai. The lite version of the app is a great tourist guide with following features

    • Description, contact details, photos, location and rating of all major sights and attractions to see in Shanghai
    • Description, contact details, photos, and booking options of major activities and other things to do in Shanghai
    • Description and booking options for all major hotels in the city
    • Maps of all sights, activities and hotels
    • Sights and Activities available without internet! (data used only for map mode and hotels)

    Upgrade to full version and unlock the full potential of Holidayen
    • Automatic recommendations of sights, activities and hotels
    • Automatic itinerary generation with optimized route
    • Automatic map of daily route
    • Editable daily route for personalizing itinerary
    • Save personalized trip on phone for quick view
    • Saved trips accessible without internet! (data only used in Map mode)