Iowa Land Sales Report



One of the most talked about topics in Iowa agriculture is rapidly changing land values. Which direction are prices headed? Are prices on the way up? Are they leveling off? Newspapers and farm magazines publish numerous reports and land surveys, but they are not based on the facts. With the Iowa Land Sales Report, now you can get the facts you need from the actual farm sales records!

The Iowa Land Sales Report gives you specific land sales information from county courthouse records. This factual information can assist you in several ways-

1) To help you establish the current value of farm real estate assets,
2)To make wise business decisions based on current land values,
3) To submit bids on land purchases based on a thorough knowledge of current local prices, and
4) To be aware of current sales and trends in your county, area and across the state.

With your subscription to the Iowa Land Sales Report you can be confident knowing that you have the best information available. This is important to you and your business.

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