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My name is Janine Mallon and I am excited to have recently joined The Travel Brokers team. I come with 9 years experience as a travel consultant and manager and together with my husband, we have also set up our own company, Tasty Tours. This business goes hand in hand with two of my passions, travel and wine and complements my enjoyment of helping to arrange unforgettable travel experiences for people like you.

My love of languages started my drive to travel in my teenage years, which has taken me to many corners of the Globe and will continue to do so. My first trip overseas was on a student exchange to Germany at the age of 16, where I was hosted by a great family who took me to several places in Europe and I have never looked back! After completing a Double Bachelors Degree at Otago University in languages and tourism management, my natural progression was into the travel industry, to become a travel agent. During these great years, I have enjoyed a great variety of trips, from holidays with my husband Damian, family or friends, familiarisation trips for work and top sellers trips.

I always ask my clients what the highlight of their trip was when I welcome them home. More and more, they tell me they loved their time away so much, that they cannot pin point one particular highlight. Looking back on my travels, I would tend to agree with them. From the castles, churches and cathedrals of UK and Europe, the beautiful fjords of Norway, the friendliness of the people of Thailand, to the great food and tailored clothes from Hoi’An in Vietnam, I have enjoyed them all. In our own back yard, Australia offers so much diversity, from the Great Barrier Reef, to theme parks, to the wine valleys of South and Western Australia. For true relaxation, you cannot go past lying on a beach with a Pina Colada in your hand, on an island in the South Pacific or taking a cruise around this great region. My moment of pure travel relaxation was on our honeymoon at Yasawa Island Resort, in the northern islands of Fiji a few years ago. There was no cellphone coverage there at that time, the food, atmosphere and hospitality was the 5-star Fijian experience and it was unforgettable. Another travel highlight would have been dining in a Chateau in the Loire Valley a couple of hours west of Paris, enjoying a 7-course dinner with a great French red wine. However, like all my clients, I would never be able to tell you what my one travel highlight is. Every trip has a different purpose, perhaps something special you want to see or experience. I am here to help you create travel experiences, which are unique and special to you and most of all, to make them a reality!

I believe that you have the right to plan your travel, uninterrupted, where and when you want to, whether that be meeting with me in a café, even in your home or mine.

This belief is what has led me to become a travel broker. I love arranging travel and helping to make my clients’ dreams come alive. Please send me through your travel plans and ideas and I will be more than happy to assist you. By accessing great deals through just about any supplier, I can assist with anything from flights and stopovers to cruises, accommodation, trains and rental cars, sightseeing, show tickets and the list goes on. Together, we will establish the right way for you to travel, to meet your wants and needs. The Internet is a great research and planning tool, which I use to ensure great deals for you, so let me do the searching for you and take away the hassle of arranging visas, insurance and negotiating deals with airlines and other suppliers. I will provide you with valuable insights into the places you are going and most important of all, the tricks of how to travel smartly, no matter where you are going and what you are doing.

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