JFK Airport Annotate




    Do you love traveling? What way do you choose when you what to have a tip? By airplane is a quick and convenient way for all people! John F. Kennedy Airport is one of the largest airport in the word, and it accept so many people a day. If you travel by plane, you must need connect with it. It is too large and you can lose the way easily if you do not know the way. JFK Airport Annotate will be your best tourist guide. Because there is a basic map in the app and the most important thing is you can search the terminal and serve information in it too!

    As we all know when we arrived a new place, we need take taxi to arrive our destination place and also a restaurant to place our Luggage and have a good rest. If you what to visit other cities, you need to get the airport line information. It is hart for a strangers to get all information. Now this app---JFK Airport Annotate can offer you all services!!! In addition to that, if you what to live a place a long time, you may need have a car. It also tell you car rental information!

    Let's see their functions one by one, you will find great surprise!
    1.Tell you the detail information about JFK (who develop it and what functions does it have...).
    2.It will show you a bird-view picture and also a basic airport map!
    3.It can tell you the information about terminals.
    4.Show you the 8 terminals pictures and click to enter e information page.
    5.Taxi service offer you safety tip and vehicle service and also important tips in this airport.
    6.Airport hotel can show you all information about the hotel around it.
    7.Car rental at this airport is also convenient. If you do not know the way, press this to get answer.
    8.Airport connections can help you contact it easily! When you encounter some questions, this will help you much!

    JFK Airport Annotate will be your best helper. It can tell you all information about it. No matter you are the visitor or local resident, the app is necessary! If you have it on mobile phone, no matter what problem you meet on your way, you can solve them by yourself. Hope it can help you. Download it and it will never let you down!
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