JFK Airport Guide




    Have you even been to John F. Kennedy Airport? Do you know what is airlines and destination? When you what to visit a new place by air, where would you search the information? Do you know the history of JFK airport and what is the development and terminals? You may ask "why should I know the answers?", of course, you need not answer it. But when you use the airport, it is easy for you to loss the way. And you may should search the internet to know the airline information! If you have an app including all information, you will not worry about losing way any more and you need not search information on internet! JFK Airport Guide is your best choice!
    JFK Airport Guide is an app that will not charge you any money! It includs all information about JFK airport! No matter the maps, development and construction news or the airlines and destinations can all be shown in the free app. Just as its name suggest: it is a guide of JFK! No matter what you ask it, it can show you tha answer!

    FUNCTIONS of the free app:
    1.It will tell you in two main aspects: John F.Kennedy Airport In formation & Airlines and destination.
    2.It can show you the Airport maps. In the map, you can get a basic understanding of the airport.
    3.We show you the picture and instruction of 8 terminals.

    4.POWER FUNCTION (press the menu button of your android mobile phone):
    ---You can make an airline inquires. It can take you enter charles peguy website.
    ---You can make a bus/taix inquires. If you do not know how to enter your destination after finishing the air travel, you can use them to find a better way.
    ---Restaurant inquires can help you find a hotel to have a rest.
    ---You can quite the app with quitter button directly!
    Attention: some of the function in term4 may not supported by some android mobile phone!

    5.It can tell you the development and construction of the airport.
    6.It can tell you all airlines and destination. It can show you information in four aspects: airlines, target place, seasonal and terminal.

    Do not know some information and worry about losing way? If you have the JFK Airport Guide on android mobile phone, you will never worry about it any more! Why don't you download and have a try? Hope you love it!
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