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    So you decided to visit Jordan? We hope that you enjoy your trip, use this pocket guide while you are in here.

    We recommended things that you should try in Jordan to actually live the Jordanian life, rather than spending your time as a tourist.

    This application is 99% offline; you will only need internet connection to see the galleries of the sites in Jordan, avoiding storing huge data on your phone.

    Major Features:

    1. General information:
    We provide you with general information about the country.

    2. Destinations:
    Divided into 5 categories: historical, nature, relaxation, religious and adventure.
    For most destinations we give the climate for all seasons, the sites that you should see, and more important the activities that you can do.

    3. Hotels & night life:
    A list of 5 stars, 4 stars and 3 stars hotels in the major cities, and also a list of bars and pups to enjoy night life as well.

    4. Our unique transportation section:
    In this section you will find your guide to use local transportation in Jordan, also it is one of the interesting experiences that you may enjoy and remember.
    With many hints when using taxi, this section will help you not to be fooled by anybody.
    A list of local guides is provided as well.

    5. Things that you should try:
    We build this section according to questions tourists used to ask local people about, such as “where I can try real Jordanian food, or deserts?” “how Jordanian spends their day?”, to “which cafes they go?”.
    For example we know that you will enjoy public and cheap cafes rather than fancy and western style cafes!

    6. Shopping:
    A small section to help you buy your grocery, and guide you where to buy local products.

    7. Try the cool feature and let us know what you think, to help you reach your destinations, we have a small camel icon, when you press on it, it will popup an Arabic phrase that you can show to your driver!
    This feature is limited for some places only, will be extended according to user feedback (see screen shots)

    Coming soon:
    Multi-language support, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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