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Rate your level of satisfaction during the ground stage of your journey by using the KLM feedback app!

What is the KLM feedback app?
With this KLM feedback app you can give direct feedback (thumbs up / thumbs down) on (currently only) your ground experience with KLM at the airports of:
Amsterdam, Accra, Almaty, Athens, Cape Town, Curacao, Geneva, Jakarta, Kuwait, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto and Vancouver.

Why a KLM feedback app?
To improve your experience at the airport, we would like to increase your involvement as a customer during this stage of your journey. At the airport(s) Team leads and Station Management is able to monitor the feedback real-time, which enables them to react on this feedback immediately (if needed & possible).
As a customer you are also able to view how other passengers rated this area within the last 24 hrs.

How does it work?
1. Choose the Airport you are currently at.
2. Choose the Area and Sub-area you want to rate.
3. Rate ‘Thumps Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’
4. Choose a keyword and specify your rating with a comment
5. Press the ‘Submit Feedback’ button or ‘Submit en Tweet Feedback’ if you use twitter
• You can rate each sub-area once a day.
• To view ratings and most used keywords of other passengers, click on overall ‘Ratings’.
• Sometimes we like to send you a response if you gave us feedback. Please add your FB number or email address at the Settings screen.

What is next?
- For this pilot phase, the app is built currently only for ground handling.
- Our next goal is to add Inflight Services as an area in the app as well, so you will be
able to share your onboard experience also.

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