Knock on Korea



* Translated by using google translation

Really necessary for foreign tourists Korea Life Survival App!

Development background
Often uncomfortable things or things you do not know when to travel by foreign tourists in Korea, things to keep guidebook description if you do not have. Such manners, and was planning to introduce rules, words App.

Key Features and Benefits]
1 Introduce and study a simple greeting
2 Word painting, listening exercises
3 To observe etiquette notification
4 Link bar
5 Favorites

You slide the screen to the left and right, you can learn a simple conversational Korean. Romanization notation to make it easier to pronounce.

Have the necessary information to tourists like the 112, 119, embassy phone and internet website, address, etc to make it easier to connect.

Menu after this images have been utilized as a patchwork cloth. DIC can hear the Korean pronunciation of the word, through a bookmark, you can create their own workbooks. Also tells the behavior and manners in Korea should not be in the TIP.

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