★ ★ recommend a Korea trip travel with Google Map ★ ★

essential items for people who like to travel, to travel around with one of the essential items, including GPS functionality, as well as restaurants, accommodations, travel deals ttaengcheorisukbak recommendations to the map!

Sure to take a trip around wondering what do you do?

The Features:
1. Nearby attractions / supplier search capabilities - GPS, including using a search around naewichi-WOWPLAN has built more than 60,000 hotels around the search and classified information, the quality is excellent.

2. Find your friends and neighbors map features

3. Search - search centered on the address, the address can search for destinations around. - WOWPLAN, including search and other destinations around specific destinations can be retrieved.

4. Nundojang, baldojang - wow travel map to plan a trip where members of their check every time you want to go places that are available in real-time information.

5. Community-trip journey to find a friend you can go with you.

6. My Travel - Guestbook, profile photos related to private property and sujeongdeung contains all the information.

TRAVEL MAP with Google Map

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