Kruger Park Fieldnotes Lite



Use this app to find and share sightings (daily sightings list or map) and to plan the following day’s routes (using Hotspot maps). In addition the “To identify” option can be used to get an ID of a wildlife sighting while you are on safari!

Features in this app

1. “To identify” – with this option you would take a photo/or upload a photo of wildlife you would like to get an identification for, an ID can be posted by any person through the “Add comment” field in the Sightings list
2. “Add sighting” – this option is used to share one of your observations for interpretation or comments
3. “Sightings Map” – With this map you can get a history of sightings, selected by adjusting the day selection. This feature is optimised for frequent users of this app.
4. “Sightings list” – this is a list of daily sightings which are shared by users for identification, interpretation or comments on your sightings.
5. “Sighting hotspots” This is a map compiled of unique sightings for a given location per day. Over a period of time in some locations a given animal was observed more regularly and this is the information displayed in these hotspot maps. For conservation reasons there is no hotspot maps for rhinos and elephants

No Advertisements in this app, Why is this app free? For us, it is about testing software robustness, as we are finalising on a professional field data collection app for field biologists.In this version we have extracted the functionality that can be used for game viewing. Enjoy!

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