Kulturarv (Cultural Heritage) is an open source augmented reality app guiding you through Denmark’s protected and preservation-worthy buildings. The app was developed in a cooperation between CodeUnited and Dansk Kulturstyrelsen (Danish Agency for Culture).

Kulturarv uses the smartphone camera's live view to tag the noteworthy buildings real time while you are walking or driving. Additionally, the app supports several other well-known data sources and blends the media together. For instance, you can view the images around you from Instagram or Flickr on the exact locations they were taken. Or explore the tweets around you. The app can also show notable sites from Wikipedia that were tagged with location.

Buildings are retrieved from Fredede og Bevaringsværdige Bygninger (FBB) web service which provided by Danish Agency for Culture. Kulturarv renders those buildings and provides a backlink to the FBB site to examine more info on each item. The app therefore requires a constant data connection. Please note that the FBB service is sometimes unavailable and in that case you will be notified with an info message on the app. The app will however be still fully functional and you are welcome to use all the other data sources (e.g. Instagram).

Have fun exploring the cultural heritage!

Visit the product's website (http://codeunited.dk/kulturarv) for more info and the source code of the app.

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