Layanan Informasi Lalu Lintas di Indonesia

LewatMana (Full) adalah aplikasi layanan informasi lalu lintas terkini untuk membantu anda mengetahui informasi lalu lintas terkini di sekitar anda, agar anda tidak terjebak kemacetan. Pastikan anda mengetahui kondisi lalu lintas sebelum memulai perjalanan agar dapat menghindari kemacetan. Dengan demikian anda sudah turut andil untuk mengurangi kemacetan dengan tidak menambah kemacetan yang sudah menumpuk.

"Diving Mode" akan membantu anda untuk mengetahui lokasi anda dan kondisi lalu lintas di sekitar anda.

Untuk sementara wilayah coverage CCTV lebih terfokus di JaBoDeTabek. Kami dalam pengembangan untuk wilayah Bandung, Surabaya, Bali.

LewatMana (Full) Traffic CCTV Indonesia helps you to keep updated with road traffic condition around you. You could access an overview of the latest traffic information in almost near live condition to help you plan your commuting time and to avoid congested areas.

Try the "driving mode", represented with a car icon on top right corner, is very useful while you are on the road to help you track where you are and view the traffic condition surrounding you. In addition to the colored coded traffic line indicators, there are also camera images, videos and running text of latest traffic reports. While not commuting you can always browse traffic CCTV which are organized in several easy-to-access tabs.

The full version of LewatMana Android App presents a lot more fun, easy to use and better performance. Below are list of points that you might find it interesting.

+ Local database cache of CCTV data, will improve performance significantly.
+ Multiple tabs: so you can open several list of CCTV and switch between tabs without reloading each time. Eg. Open list CCTV by city and at the same time you can also open the nearby CCTV, route list and favorite CCTV by just switching tab.
+ The "Driving Mode", it now shows the CCTV location on the map, just click on the icon to view the CCTV.
+ The "Direction" feature within driving mode allow you set your destination and see several alternative route with estimated distance, travel time and delay while you are moving. Note: No street-by-street navigation yet.
+ Click on a "Traffic Update" will show you detail including photo posted by other users. You can easily share them with your friends or reply via Twitter.
+ Take photo of your favorite event of traffic and upload it. You can also browse the collection of photos uploaded by all LewatMana users.
+ Finding thousands of locations near you. (Courtesy Foursquare and Google Place)
+ No more advertisement on the App.
+ Many more.. Download it now to experience it.
+ This paid full version will support us to keep all the content free. Thank you.

We really hope that you find this application useful. Enjoys!! Avoid operate your phone while driving. Keep safe!!

The colored coded traffic line indicator will show only on Android version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above.

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