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Events from LinzTermine, Hotspots and other Points of Interests (POIs) for sightseeing are always and quickly accessable.

LinzInfo uses freely available data from the „Linz Open Data” website to show Linz specific information for people from Linz and people visiting the city. All data will be shown on the integrated map.
There is a dedicated page to list current events from the website. Events can be shown for today, till tomorrow or the whole week. These will be sorted by date and time and can be filtered according predefined categories. Using the map button it is really easy to quickly navigate form the list view to the map view.
Using LinzInfo you are always capable to find dedicated locations from you current position. This is especially useful for people visiting the city to have a personal digital city guide.
Currently the following types of data sets are supported:

Datatypes support

* Linz city events
* Hotspots
* Pharmacies
* Hospitals
* Event locations
* Playgrounds
* Sport facilities
* Kindergarden
* Youth centers
* Elderly centers
* Krabbelstuben
* Club Aktiv


* Map view
* List view
* Filter data on list view
* Copy Linz Termine event to your calendar
* Easy Navigation via Google Latitude
* Support for many city Linz data types
* ...

Linz Info uses data of the „Linz Open Data“ project( Data source: CC-BY-3.0: Stadt Linz -

License: Open Commons Region Linz
Open Commons Region Linz
Magistrat Linz
Gruberstr. 42
4020 Linz

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