Loc8.me, saving your places!



Loc8.me has your back! Save and return to your favorite places, no cell service required.

Need to remember where you parked your car?
- Loc8.me has your back!
Have trouble remembering where your hunting tree stand is?
- Loc8.me has your back!
Want to recall that perfect fishing spot, but you can't paint an "X" on the water
- Loc8.me has your back!
Just gotta save the exact spot of your first kiss with THE ONE?
- Loc8.me has your back!
Found the perfect wilderness spot for camping, hiking or pictures and want to save it for later?
- That's right, Loc8.me has your back!

Loc8.me uses your Android phone's GPS sensor to locate your position (even without cell service or wifi) and save it to be recalled later. Multiple locations are saved to your smartphone's persistent memory and will remain saved even after reboots and dead batteries.

Loc8.me allows you to recall your saved locations later and use the saved GPS coordinates to navigate back to that location by following the provided arrow for guidance when there is no cell service available or by syncing to your favorite map program when you can reach the internet.

Loc8.me is simple to use.
- Upon opening the app you are presented with an orange button stating "Add New Place".
- Simply tap the button to be taken to the "Add" screen.
- On the "Add" screen you can title your new place and add notes as well as view your GPS coordinates and map of your current location.
- When you are finished adding your title and notes tap the orange "Save This Place" button.
- Back on the main page you will now see your newly saved place listed with your title and the date you saved it.
- Tap the saved place to be taken to the "View/Edit" page.
- Here you can edit your title and notes to make them more descriptive, then tap "Save Changes" to keep your updates.
- On the "View/Edit" page you can also find your way back to your saved location by tapping the orange "Map It" button to export your saved coordinates to your favorite mapping program, or you can always 'long-press' the GPS coordinates to copy and paste them to another app yourself.
- Enjoy the app, rate us and let us know what we can do to make it even better!

email: info@Infinite-Seven.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Infinite_seven/397352767053757

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