London Commuters on Buses



Voice announcement of Expected Time of Arrival of your daily London Buses. Plan your London bus journeys on your daily commute.

London Commuter on Buses (LCoB) provides Expected Time of Arrivals/Departures for buses in the London Area.
• Voice announcement on the Media Channel.
• Refreshes ETA/D in every minute.
• Refreshes ETA/D when Device is shaken.
• Pinch Zoom for better control, readability.
• Stores daily routine, remembers morning, evening, night bus stops.
• Automatically focuses on stops depending on time of the day.
• Uses Location services (Wi-Fi, GPS) to find Nearest Bus-stops.
• Show stops on Maps.
• Remembers favourites and previously visited stops in Bus Stop Store.
• Keeps the device awake for a requested time.
LCoB is based on Tfl’s Countdown project.

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