Marine Usa West



Marine USA West is a GPS map built with power interface for Boating purposes.
USA West map provides accurate navigation information for coastal region and contains embedded Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) from NOAA compressed to store the largest coverage. Exploring the map you get maximum details obtaining detailed information of each object on the map.
USA West Water Map has the combination of many useful features that you have never used before on your Android device. It has been developed with the cutting edge map technology for user friendly, handy performance involving advanced options for navigation.
With this app you can transform your Android phone in a chart plotter with best marine cartography, which includes: Anchoring areas, Fishing areas, restriction areas, obstructions, rocks, buoys, beacons, lights, depth contours with values display on map, spot sounding and more!
Inspiration behind creating this map is provided by the valuable feedback received from our precious customers.
With Marine USA West, FlyToMap™ continues in the tradition of offering a huge amount of information and functionality across places all over the world at a really low price if compared with other apps in the same category!
Use to Explore:
“Elegant map display”
“Fast zoom and pan at your fingertips”
“Use Latitudes and Longitudes to go to your favorite places”
“Use the navTo and see in real time your speed, distance and direction to destination”
“Insert unlimited markers near your favorite places on the map”
“Search your favorite points directly”
“Expanded search results categories”
“Geo Tagged photo management”
“OSM overlay function”
“Track your trips”
“Marine data available offline”

"… Marine Usa All is well designed and its usability is really good, as it's easy to figure it out and everything it's organized and helpful if you're in need of an app like this. …"
+ Pros
Clean interface
Great design
Easy to learn

FlyToMap provides complete, quick and easy to use map applications for your Android phone.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
Turn off GPS when not in use

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