Melton Bacchus Marsh Taxicabs



Free mobile cab booking App for use in Melton & Bacchus Marsh

Jump calls queues and hold times when booking a cab

Melton Bacchus Marsh Taxicabs detects your location (for best results, use outdoors)

Melton Bacchus Marsh Taxicabs’ Fare Estimator will give you the approximate cost of your trip

Melton Bacchus Marsh Taxicabs will help you Find A Rank near your current location

Make bookings using your previous booking history within the App

Sync your favourites and booking history

Check on the last known location of your cab

Make multiple cab bookings for future dates and times

Automatically dial Melton Bacchus Marsh Taxicabs

Please note that this is a cab booking App that ultimately requires driver acceptance of the booking prior to your cab being assigned

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