Milan to live every day! Who says a museum should be necessarily boring? Take a break every so often throughout the day is important, not only to relax but also to riflettere.Per a life changing "MILAN is ART" allows you to understand the history through the museums. If you love the simplicity, practicality and attention to detail this application is for you! It 's always simple, never banal. Let's look from another perspective. "MILAN is ART" is the application where you can devote to your favorite museum. This application includes all the museums in Milan and province of each museum you can find any information: phone numbers, website, opening hours and map shows etc ... Concluding "MILAN is ART" is a useful application on art, culture, history in Milan. Licensor: Lombardy Region Data source: https / / License IODL 2.0 © Copyright 2012 mapp2app -

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