Find Northeast Ohio’s top locally owned business right at your fingertips—for free.

“National chains are like vanilla wafers; they offend no one, inspire no one, yet they are consumed by the billions.”— Mimi Vanderhaven

Our own Mimi Vanderhaven believes that true quality and service cannot come from a corporate chain; it can only come from the heart of a passionate owner, driven by a genuine desire to serve others in a way that cannot be captured in an attorney-approved corporate training manual.

This is why Mimi’s mission is to “preserve business diversity by helping locally owned companies get the word out.” And with Mimi’s app, she’ll introduce (or perhaps reintroduce) her fans to local business owners who will inevitably surprise and delight us all.

Browse through listings that include restaurants, health care providers, home improvement professionals, entertainment venues, and much more—plus an eclectic collection of some of Northeast Ohio’s most diverse retail shops. Read reviews and comments, with full Facebook and Twitter integration. And it’s absolutely free.

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