Movitas Hotel




    Experience our hotel app solution with the Movitas Hotel demo app. Guests can use their own mobile phones or tablets to connect directly to the hotel phone system. The guests’ phone is now a virtual extension of the hotel’s PBX. They can even use our hotel branded VoIP over wifi to talk to friends and family without incurring expensive roaming charges.

    Guests can access the hotel’s own local social network and post status updates. They can check the hotel’s activity feeds for special deals and events, make friends with other guests and even view reviews and tips of local businesses. Guests can connect to hotel staff for more personalized service. Maps, menus, calendars, and targeted offers are sent right to guests’ app inbox. Timely offers, on guests’ phones, linked to reservation and ordering systems, drive more on-property revenue. Once the guest is checked-in, the concierge or other staff can reach the guest anywhere he or she may be, right on his or her phone.