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    Updated till October 2016
    Good News - Your wish is our command. You asked for an Integrated SmartShehar App and we've delivered. Now
    download SmartShehar App for integrated experience. Train, Bus Auto and Safety App
    integrated into SmartShehar App.

    Get yourself the smartest and best Mumbai Local Train App and never get lost in the maze of Mumbai Suburban Rail network!
    Automatically figures out your location gives you the trains that you want.
    FREE, No smses, No registration.
    WINNER of Vodafone MBillionth South Asia 2013 contest!
    Get connecting trains e.g. Churchgate to Thane. Saves you time and money
    This update incorporates latest time table and fares as of February 2016.
    Can sense where you are in Mumbai immediately showing the nearest station information.
    This is not just a time table masquerading as an app. This is a really smart world class app that does everything for you intelligently.
    Rated better than all the app on Google Play. See user comments.
    Works without GPRS / Internet. Complete Train info OFFLINE.
    Work/Home feature to see your Work and Home trains directly on Dashboard as soon as you start the app.
    Provides you information about platforms, not provided by any timetable, website or application. If you see any discrepancies, please email or post on our facebook page -

    Also spelled sometimes by Smart Shehar, Smart Sheher, SmartSheher.

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