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You love mushrooms! But where do you find them? Mushroom Finder will help you with that. You can add your mushroom sites to the cloud and this way publish them to other users. Once you are at the correct spot where mushrooms grow, just click "Add mushroom site!"

Take your basket and get into the woods! There is standing tasty, healthy and free food around. You just have to pick it. Are you worried not to find your best mushroom spots next year? Add them to the Mushroom Finder. Once your spot gets approved by the admin, you will be able to find it again at any time. Thanks to the other users entries you will find new sites really quick. Let the community grow!


- Should the app not work properly, please refer to us as soon as possible, so we will be able to fix any issue at once. Please don`t give bad ratings in advance.

- With downloading the app you declare that you are responsable for your findings. The published mushroom sites are just hints. As the data base will grow very big it is not possible for us to check every site. Collect only mushrooms that you can define as 100% edible.

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