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    by: CL Solutions Doris Chu & Thomas Langhagel GbR 0 0

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    „My Personal Places“ is your ideal attendant on your Smartphone when being on the way. You can gather own hints for restaurants, shops, attractions or simply any notes very easily and in an uncomplicated manner. Opposite to other tools you are not overloaded with numerous informations about any place in your neighborhood, but you can build up your own personal set of information about places , which are remarkable especially for you.
    Essential features:
    • personal tips concerning restaurants/bars/shops/hotels/points of interest etc.
    • personal recommendations for wines you like
    • personal contacts
    • Recording of text and voice notes
    • Sending of tips and recommendations via SMS, import of such tips into your data pool
    • Interchange of position coordinates with friends and visualisation in a map
    • Take and assign own photos

    Using „My Personal Places“ any time you can gather your personal favorites of shops, restaurants, hotels, cinemas etc. in an very easy manner. This app shall assist you. So you only have to input that information, which is important for YOU. Everything you are not interested in you simply keep empty. So painful filling of input mask with information, which is strictly required by a tool to be able to proceed is avoided with this app.

    For the input of data no working network connection is necessary, that means you can use the app also being offline, e.g. when you are in a foreign country and you currently have no access to a cheap WLAN connection.
    For local information the app supports you by an integrated country-specific database of locations. Currently this database consists of about 30.000 entries of worldwide locations. You simply choose the country and type in the leading characters of the city name. The tool then shows a list with matching locations and you can easily accept the desired entry for your input. This saves a lot of typing efforts. Because of the integrated data pool also this functionality is available when working offline, i.e. without network connection. Of course it also possible to input any own city name, if you prefer.

    In most cases the tool can determine the matching geographical position by interpreting the input of an address (e.g. street and city). So you can navigate to your favorite places also in a map view. This matching also can be done subsequently, when a network connection necessary for using this service of Google is not available at the time of inputting the data.

    When your smartphone supports localization services (e.g. by using the mobile network or by using GPS) you also can directly use your current position and assign it e.g. to a restaurant entry. You always can later on modify this position within the map view of the object.

    With the note functionality you can gather any text and also voice notes. This is perfect e.g. when you are on the way and just get an idea or you watch something, for what you later want to have a memory hook. The app keeps track of the timestamp and your current position (when your smartphone supports this). So later on you can comprehend e.g. the course of a trip or of an extensive shopping tour. This is supported by a specific map view, within all notes with their position are shown. By simply touching an entry then you can look at the details or listen to a voice note you recorded before.

    When you want to share your tips and notes with friends or business partners you can send your information to any other contact via SMS simply by pressing one button. If the recipient also has a smartphone with the “My Personal Places” app, then these information can directly be imported in her own database.

    You want to meet some friends in a foreign region? By pressing one button you can send your current position via SMS to others, of course also in combination with any text you add to the message. When the recipient has My Personal Places available, then he can see your current position in a map, and you can together decide how to meet.